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This is the restaurant-use model of our handmade noodle-making machine that faithfully reproduces handmade noodle-making techniques passed down since long ago, including rough rolling, finishing, lengthwise/widthwise rolling, and knife-cutting. It is a dependable substitute for a handmade noodle master and can be easily operated by inexperienced users.


● Wavy roller part:
・Pressing is reproduced by machine. The wavy rollers provide the same effect as pressing with the feet using optimum pressure.
・Rubber rollers apply just the right amount of pressure, reproducing the amount of pressure applied when noodles are made by hand.

● Flat roller part:
・Finish rolling is reproduced by machine. Like handmade noodles, it rolls the dough lengthwise and widthwise into a square shape, not only in one direction.
・Rubber rollers apply just the right amount of pressure, similar to the amount of pressure applied when noodles are made by hand.

● Cutter part:
・The knife-sawing effect is reproduced by machine. The blade cuts the dough by sliding through it, rather than by pushing downward like other companies’ products. This results in high quality noodles with sharp corners.

Types of noodles that can be made










Gyoza Dumplings

Main features

Noodle-making capacit

150-300 [servings/hour](※1)

Water content

40%~65% (※2)

Finished roll

Handmade style; lengthwise/widthwise rolling

Noodle cutting



Note 1: Servings vary depending on the type of noodle.
Note 2: Water content depends on the recipe.

Product specifications

Model Mixer Dough ball making machine(※1) External dimensions (WxDxH) Weight (kg) Power consumption (W)
SANUKI Ichiban Selected separately Selected separately 1110×630×725 205 345
Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz)
1Φ100/3Φ200 50/60


Note 1: Each machine can be supplied individually.

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