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SN : Super Kneader

SN : Super Kneader


SN : Super Kneader

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A mixer designed to be used for noodle dough with high water content. It performs mixing and kneading simultaneously, slowly and thoroughly kneading the dough to produce high quality noodle dough with high water content.


・This is a dedicated mixer for handmade noodle dough.
・Ultra-low speed rotation makes kneading possible.
・It slowly and thoroughly brings out the gluten to produce the very best handmade noodle dough.

Types of noodles that can be made










Gyoza Dumplings

Main features

Noodle-making capacit


Water content


Product specifications

Model Capacity (kg) External dimensions (WxDxH) Weight (kg) Power consumption (W) Voltage (V) Frequency (Hz)
SN-6P 3~6 700×350×610 75 100 3Φ200 50/60
SN-12P 6-12 815×445×770 120 200 3Φ200 50/60
SN-25P 13~25 930×555×1085 165 400 3Φ200 50/60
SN-50P 25~50 1125×580×1180 240 750 3Φ200 50/60

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