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Private Ramen and Udon Class at HQ

This week we ran a special personally coached four-4 day ramen and udon course for a client from France.




She plans to open a ramen restaurant there.
We taught noodle- making with local flour, whichs she’d bought and brought from France, using our machines.
She also learned also how to make udon noodles, ramen soups and, dumpling (gyoza) skins during this intensive course.




In Japan, we use ‘churikiko (medium flour)’ for making udon noodles.
However, most of countries don’t this type of flour.
Also, overseas flours have a higher ash content than Japanese churikiko, which results in the noodles taking a darker color.
As such, many of our overseas clients who want to make udon noodles have trouble finding optimal local flour for udon.

But, we have secret techniques and recipes to make even overseas flours into high-quality udon noodles with a white color as well as better texture!
(↓ As you see in the photo below)




If you’re interested in our courses and/or our secret techniques and recipes, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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