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Intensive Private Ramen Class at HQ

We have two students from France and Korea taking an intensive private ramen class at our HQ this week.




There are two ways you can take a class at our school, namely private and group classes.
This way, students can choose a class according to their schedule and/or what they want to learn.

On this occasion, both students are taking private ramen classes.
Each instructor has been teaching the class according to the each student’s requests.
The students learn how to make ramen noodles, ramen soup, flavoring, oils and toppings.
One of them students is also learning how to make dumpling skin and udo noodles with local flour.




Furthermore, we teach how to operate a shop, including how to calculate costs and control the timing of serving the dishes, because these are actually very important tips when starting and orunning their business.
Our instructors have lots of experience not only in Japan, but also overseas, so.
we believe all our students can learn everything they need to get started.




The same instructor you have in class will look after you even after you complete the course, so you’ll feel more at ease when asking questions or needing information later.

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